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Instant Hot Cereal - Country Spice


Shipping Weight: 1.30 pounds

Carbsense Instant Hot Cereal is flavored with zesty cinnamon, nutmeg and healthy grains, including Flax, Wheat Bran and Soy. And, each of the 8 servings contain 12 g. of fiber and 14 g. of protein, with just 3 effective carbs! Net Weight 11.4 oz (320 gram

With Carbsense Country Spice Hot Cereal, you really can have your cake (ok - cereal) and eat it too! This hearty INSTANT cereal can be prepared in seconds, and is rich in protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and minerals. But don't worry, with a dash of your favorite sugar substitute, it has a truly delightful nutty flavor that even kids love. The flax seed, wheat bran, soy protein and pumpkin seed flour combine to create a wonderful flavor that rivals any cereal on the market, yet it has only 3 Effective Carbs per serving! See for yourself how this cereal will quickly become a staple in your diet, as a breakfast entree and a satisfying snack, anytime.

Net Weight 11.4 oz (320 grams)

Ingredients: Soy Protein Concentrate, Wheat Bran, Flax Seed Meal, Pumpkin Seed Flour, Spices, Salt.

Please Note: There are no refunds on perishable food items!

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