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It's all about "Portion Control"

Carbohydrates are all:

  • Fruits-berries, citrus, melons, tropical, etc
  • Vegetables-fibrous, starchy and sweet
  • Grain based foods-wheat, oats, rice, corn, barley, spelt, etc.

All carbohydrates ultimately break down into simple sugars. These sugars provide the body with short bursts of quick energy, but in excess, will be stored as fat.

Excess starchy and sweet carbohydrates can also cause a syndrome called Insulin Resistance. This syndrome can lead to diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, gout, cardiac and blood vessel diseases, aging, plus many more.

Carbohydrates are important in our diet because they provide our bodies with fiber, phyto-nutrients, antioxidants, and quick energy. The starchy, sweet carbohydrates are packed with sugar so need to be eaten in much smaller amounts. These include foods such as potatoes (white and yellow sweet), pastas, rice, refined breads and crackers and sweets.

Acceptable serving amounts
  1. Select a total of 4-5 servings of carbohydrates per day, any category
  2. You may have 8-10 - serving portions per day, any category
  3. Never eat more than a total of:

    • 2 servings for breakfast
    • 1 -2 servings for lunch
    • 1 serving for dinner

  4. Always combine a carbohydrate with a protein or healthy fat food
  5. Don't eat anything after dinner
Control your serving sizes

Fruits = 1 serving

Apples medium
Nectarine medium
Apricots 3 medium
Orange medium
Avocado 1 medium
Papaya medium
Banana 1/3 medium
Peach 1 medium
Strawberries 1 cup
Blackberries cup
Pear medium
Blueberries cup
Pineapple cup
Cantaloupe cup
Plum 1 medium

Cherries, sweet 10 whole
Prune, dried 2 whole
Cranberry sauce 1 TBS
Raisins scant 1/8 cup
Grapefruit whole
Raspberries 1 cup
Grapes cup
Honeydew cup
Tangerine 1 medium
Kiwi 1 medium
Watermelon cup
Lime 1 medium
Lemons 2 medium
Mango medium

Grain foods = 1 serving

Bagels medium
Oatmeal-cooked 1/3 cup
Biscuits medium
Pancakes medium
Bread, pita pocket
Pasta-cooked cup
Bread, sandwich slice
Rice-cooked cup
Bread, light 1 slice
Rolls, dinner roll
Bun, hamburger bun
Stuffing, bread cup

Bun, hot dog bun
Tortilla, flour small
Couscous, cooked cup
Tortilla, corn 1 shell
Crackers, Saltine 4 crackers
Waffles small
Crackers, Triscuit 3 crackers
Crackers, Ritz 5 crackers
Cakes, Rice 1 cake
Flour, all types 2 TBS
English muffin muffin

Vegetables = 1 serving

Artichoke hearts cup
Pumpkin, mashed cup
Asparagus 20 spears
Rhubarb 1 cup
Beans/legumes 1/3 cup
Sauerkraut cup
Beans, green 1 cup
Squash, summer 2 cups
Broccoli, cooked 2 cups
Squash, winter 2/3 cup
Cabbage, raw 2 cups
Squash, spaghetti 1 cup
Carrot, raw 2 medium
Succotash cup
Cauliflower, pieces 4 cups
Tomatillo, raw 5 medium
Chard, Swiss 1 cup
Tomato, raw 2 medium
Collard greens 1 cup
Tomato, canned 1 cup
Corn cup

Turnip, boiled 2 cups
Cucumber 1 medium
Turnip greens 4 cups
Eggplant, cooked 1 cup
Water chestnuts cup
Endive 4 cups
Wax beans 1 cup
Hominy cup
Yams, cooked cup
Leeks 1 cup
Mushrooms, cooked 2 cups
Mustard greens 2 cups
Onion, raw cup
Parsnips 1/3 cup
Peas, green cup
Peppers, sweet 2 cups
Peppers, yellow large
Potato, sweet medium
Potato, white medium
Potato, mashed cup

Home Low Carb Diet FAQ Eating Low-Carb Contact Us

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